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I’m Preoccupied with My Boyfriend’s Past

From Australia: Im preoccupied with my boyfriend’s past. He didn’t tell me he was married before. When I found out I said nothing. I bottled it up. I’m reminded of it constantly, either it comes up in conversation, he mentions something about his past, or I ruminate about it in my head. He’s very bitter about it all. I can’t get over the fact he was in love with someone before, enough that he married […]

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Possible Depression Due to Video Game Deprivation

Until a few months back I used to play GTAV at my friend’s house without my parent’s permission, this went on for three years and then I told them. They didn’t get that mad but told me I couldn’t play it anymore. The problem is that now that I never play it anymore I feel a very strong need to play it and since no other game can replace it I feel unhappy and unfulfilled. […]

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Am I a Sociopath?

Hello, I am on here regarding a recent introspection I seem to be having of myself. I am no expert, I haven’t a PhD, but I’ve noted over the past year my emotions have become more and more dull. I rarely feel bad about hurting other people emotionally and physically, in fact, the other day I almost bludgeoned my sister with a hammer. I only pretend to be apologetic. I get an adrenaline rush instead […]

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Has My Mother Lost Her Mind?

From a teen in the U.S.: I am concerned that my mother has lost her mind. Let me start off by saying that unlike many similar stories, my mother is not elderly. She is 36 and I am 19, the oldest of her children. I have always shared a strong emotional connection with my mother. Ever since I was a child, I have been her biggest fan. I can remember being absolutely ecstatic for her […]

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I Feel Lost to the World around Me

From a teen in the U.S.: Hello. To begin, from an early age I moved schools and was placed in a different environment. I was in third grade and from that point on, I could not help but break down every other day. I was isolated from my peers and eventually began to do questionable things (such as “sacrificing worms”) but I attribute this to my childhood nature. To fast forward to the 5th grade, […]

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I Don’t Know Who I Am

For one year I have been experiencing very intense emotions and sadly also had difficulties regulating concealing I am very scared of other people.I’ve always been a different girl. However recently my perception has changed, and I don’t see point of my life now I don’t care about people I am lonely I still scared of abandonment, however now I just go to school come to home I can’t be myself in the school I […]

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