From a young man in the U.S.:  I have been diagnosed and have been taking depression medicine for over a year now. Before I went to the doctor, I had no previous bouts of depression and woke up one morning and just felt “it”. Have not been the same emotionally since. I find myself crying for little or no reason at least once a week. I’ve changed dosages multiple times and still feel no different. I don’t have the typical bullet points for a person with depression such as lethargy, appetite issues, insomnia, suicidal thoughts, feelings of worthlessness. The crying is my only issue.  I’m starting to wonder if I even have depression to begin with and not some other disorder.

You are asking an appropriate question. You didn’t include information about a counselor so I’m going to assume you haven’t been seeing one. Medication alone is rarely enough to manage a depression. The treatment of choice is a combination of medicine and talk therapy.

Please make an appointment with a licensed mental health counselor who can hear your whole story and who can re-evaluate the diagnosis. Optimally, you should see someone who has a professional relationship with your prescriber so that the two of them can work together to help you.

I hope you will follow up immediately. You’ve been a model patient in terms of following medical advice. But I really think you need to add a counselor to your treatment team.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie