For my issue, it might seem silly. I feel as if I’m no longer allowed to enjoy something with my friend G.

My friend G and I enjoy certain things together, like the video game of Splatoon. I find it great to talk to her about that game that we love so much. However, I got into Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and at first, she wasn’t into it. All of a sudden, she changes her mind and tries to make it her own thing. It’s like you get into the sport of basketball, and your friend gets into the sport too, and you get kicked off of the team because of them.

Even though she kicks me out of liking the one topic, she still gets to like other things by herself; some that I won’t get into. G has been known to get whatever she wants, no matter what it takes.

As of now, I’m surrendering. I can’t enjoy BotW anymore, and it really stinks. It was such a wonderful experience, and G was a hypocrite when saying, “Oh, that’s a single-player game, right?” and then gets into it later.

Sorry for bothering you with my issue. I just hope you can give me the best advice about this. Thank you.

One of the experiences of having a friend over time is learning that the nature of the relationship changes as more of the person’s character is revealed. Sometimes it is for the best and other times is like what is happening with you and G.

You’ve chosen to surrender to this experience with your friend and I believe that is wise. If you want to and it feels like it won’t take too much energy, I’d let G know how disappointed you are in her and that if you were to continue being her friend you would need her behavior to change. The key here is not to exert too much effort. If she is going in another direction unhooking from her is the best option, and finding others to enjoy playing and being with will be your best option.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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