PsyCall (Psychology Call) is a specialized expert team of psychology and psychotherapy consultants from various scientific, social and cultural backgrounds.

Our goal is your well-being.
We listen to your needs and we offer advice and support.

We took the initiative to develop PsyCall as an online vendor of our team capacities. Our aim is to contribute with our skills and competencies to the well-being of any online interested individuals.

The pioneer application of the psychological interaction and support within internet multiplies the availability and efficiency of offered services. Beyond any geographical, social, cultural or even time barriers and limitations any interested individual can use our services and benefit from our counseling and support.

Our team members are mental health professionals from many different places and backgrounds. We are proud to claim that our team associates are Psychologists, Psychiatrists and Social Workers. All our team members have psychology education and training in their special field of interest.

Currently, our team members can support an interaction with you only in English and/or Greek language. Since we are eager to advance our services, communication in more language maybe available in the future.

A successful counseling may sometimes be a time-committing and energy-consuming process. It requires your full attention, your clear intention and consistent decision to evaluate, reconsider and even revise your way of thinking and living, your attitude towards others and mainly yourself. It is rather expected not to observe an immediate change in your behaviour and life. The effects of our counseling appear on the later stages and even following the completion of the intervention.

Your interaction with any team member will be entirely focused on online psychotherapy, counseling and support. Our team members cannot offer medical advices, diagnoses, prescriptions or any face to face psychotherapy session.

There is nothing more complicated than to realize how simple life is. Given the numerous attractions and distractions, it is really hard for anyone to select goals, sustain life orientation, balance expectancies and claims, experience satisfaction and achieve more quality times and moments of happiness. However, the highway to our own heaven is somehow hidden somewhere in us.
Evangelos Katsioulis, CEO & Founder