From a teen in the U.S.: my girlfriends mom invaded her privacy and read our texts. she then decided after 6 months of us dating that we can’t see each other anymore and she blocked me on all her socials.

we were so happy. she made me happy vice versus. her mom never really liked me because i’m older. she’s a month away from turning 15 and i just turned 17 this year. she thought i was just in it for sex and i wasn’t. i love her so much.

her mom read our texts and some of them are considered inappropriate. these texts weren’t even provoked by me either. she’s trying to make us just forget about each other like it’s that easy. we don’t want to.

we’ve been through a lot together have helped each other so much it’s so painful. what do i do? she’s so scared of her mom she won’t talk to her about it either. i’m so torn i don’t know what to do or what should happen. we were so happy and loved each other so much. and we r teenagers just being teens. we weren’t even having sex. like at all. just texts that’s it. help me plz.

Sorry, I’m with the mom on this one. The age difference does matter. Her daughter is only 14 and under age of consent. You are 17 and should be dating women your own age, not a kid. The fact that you were leaning on a 14-year-old suggests to me that you are immature or that you are having trouble navigating relationships with others your age. That is your problem, not the mom’s decision to block you.

It is the mother’s job to protect her daughter from getting taken advantage of or for getting sexually involved too early. It shows responsibility and good judgment on her part that she did her job. I also suspect that the girl is maybe a little relieved and that’s why she isn’t taking her mother on. She knows on some level that she is in over her head.

You can lump me with her mom and decide we’re both unfair — or you can do your personal work so that you can be comfortable with other juniors and seniors in your high school. I hope you will choose to work on yourself. Do consider seeing a counselor to give you the support and guidance you need.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie