1. Contact us with a message

Apparently, you have an idea of what PsyCall is about. We need to also have an idea of how we can assist you. You can send us a brief message either using the contact form or our email account to let us know about you and your needs. A member of our team will respond to your message with our suggestion and action plan usually within 24 hours.

2. Our action plan suggestion

There are several options available depending on each independent case. Our team members can support Skype call meetings or email correspondence with you. Currently, our PsyCall members can support any interaction with you in 2 languages, English and Greek.

3. Purchase your plan

Following are all the action plans available for you. You may choose your favorite plan, preferably the one suggested by our team member who communicated with you, and proceed with the plan purchase. Payments are only available via the secure environment of PayPal. The purchase button will redirect you to PayPal to proceed with the checkout.

4. Scheduling your Action Plan

Having completed your plan purchase, you can contact us to inform us of the successful purchase of your plan. You may have in mind that in your email you also need to include information about your PayPal transaction reference. Then a member of our team will arrange with you the schedule of the selected action plan. At this stage, you may inform us of your availability for online meetings on a weekly basis. In case the selected action plan is email correspondence, you may proceed with your first email.

5. Action Time

This is the core of our services. Either you selected an email correspondence or sets of online meetings, the benefits from your interaction with our team members are the organized, systematic evaluation of the concern or crisis, the counseling and support. Our team members apply cognitive, analytical and behavioral techniques depending on each independent special case.

6. Outcomes Evaluation

Our only goal is your well-being and satisfaction. Upon completion of the selected action plan, the assigned team member will evaluate with you the outcomes of the action plan, key areas of interest and offer you suggestions for any further actions required or tips. At this final stage, we would much appreciate your feedback about our intervention, techniques and efficiency.