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Dissociative states in eating disorders: An empirical Rorschach study.

The study explores the DSM-IV-TR classification of eating disorders that is constituted of four subtypes, two of them defined as anorexia (restricting and binge eating/purging) and two as bulimia (purging and non-purging). This classification is based on body weight as the distinguishing criterion. However, psychoanalytic thinking substantially distinguishes between restricting anorexia and the other three subtypes, all of them involving binge eating. Accordingly, binge eating patients are assumed to present different personality characteristics and different dynamics including dissociation proneness as a core component of the disturbance. The dissociative component of binge eating is examined by using the Rorschach Reality-Fantasy Scale (RFS; Tibon, Handelzalts, & Weinberger, 2005) and ot…

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