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Bipolar Infidelity

My diagnosed (years ago), medicated s/o is manic right now or so I believe. Stress from a new job along with skipping meds for 2 weeks because he didn’t have the money, has triggered. The high signs are there and I recently, on Friday, caught him with another woman. I left without saying a word. However, I did leave a note letting him know how hurt I was. His response was just to delete him […]

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Is This a Sign I Am Becoming Unwell?

I feel me & my husband are the only people around & everyone else are a actors & don’t do anything with their lives till they have to act. Everything is around our lives. So a bit like the true man show but I don’t think there is any other life. The whole world is actors in my love. A. Generally speaking, the ideas you have described would suggest that yes, something may be wrong. […]

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Brother Causing Parents Stress, Guilty for Living in Another State

My older brother has diagnosed bipolar disorder with anger issues (amongst other undiagnosed issues) and has just lost his job again. He has a 5 year old son, is currently separated from his child’s mom, but is dating another woman. He was recently pulled over (he gets pulled over often for excessive speeding) and got caught with marijuana and a pipe. These aren’t even my causes of anxiety- it’s that he is causing so my […]

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Am I a Bad Person?

From a woman in the U.S.: I didn’t get my first best friend till I was 19. Me an ENFP, her an INFJ. She is reserved, introverted, grew up in devout Christian family, where everything is brushed under the rug. Well off. Book smart. I was your stereotypical extrovert. Silly, spontaneous. My family is open, but loud, chaotic, and had no structure. Poor. Street smart. I was a Pollyanna till this point, I was going […]

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