The last couple of weeks I’ve not slept more than a few hours every night. I am literally so tired all day and dragging. Yet no matter how tired I am, the second I lay down I feel like I can switch my brain off and I’m literally scared to death to go to sleep. I’m scared someone’s going to break in and either kill us all or I’ll get up one morning to one or both kids dead. I hear the slightest noise and I gotta get up and walk all through the house. I’m married with 2 wonderfully amazing children. We have a nice home in a nice, quite neighborhood. Financially things are a little hard but we make due. I had to quit my job last March due to a car accident that injured my previously injured back and neck so I get to stay home with my youngest. In the last year there have been people that have banged on the door in the middle of the night but that hasn’t happened in months now. I talk to people about this and some make me feel like I’m losing my mind. Can anyone help with this?

You mentioned that people had been banging on your door in the middle of the night, but you didn’t elaborate. Who was doing this and why? Perhaps your fears stem from that incident, at least in part. Having people at your door in the middle of the night is alarming especially if you don’t know who it was or why it happened.

You mentioned that your anxiety began within the last couple weeks. Try to think back to what was going on in your life. Did something happen that led you to become fearful? Having that information would be useful in resolving this issue.

It might be wise to install a security system. It could ease your anxiety and help you to sleep more soundly at night. You can purchase very affordable home security systems on Amazon or at other retailers.

If this continues, consult a therapist who can determine if your anxiety is appropriate. Anxiety would be appropriate if you are legitimately in danger. If not, they can assist you in reducing your anxiety.

Medication might be necessary. Contact your primary care physician for a referral for the appropriate treatment professionals in your community. Good luck and please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle