For a few years at random times around 3-5 a year I wake up sitting up In my bed on the edge, feeling lucid but feeling I’m trapped somewhere else and Thinking the darkness will never go away, lasting only a few seconds before I realise where I am… in these moments I have talked to my partner to help me and he has. I feel like I’m half lucid and half still asleep.

You did not ask a direct question but perhaps you are wanting to know what may be wrong. You might be describing parasomnia experiences which involves unusual or abnormal things that happen while sleeping. They may include sleepwalking, sleep paralysis, nightmares, sleep aggression, etc. These experiences can occur anytime during the sleep cycle.

I would encourage you to discuss these experiences with your primary care physician (PCP). He or she may want to review your sleep habits to determine if they are causing the problem. If it continues to be a problem, certain drug therapies may be useful in controlling the symptoms. Your PCP may also suggest an overnight sleep study to determine if a disorder is present. Thank you for your question and good luck.

Dr. Kristina Randle