So, I wanted to ask this question because whenever I read about a topic of a disorder I tend to act them out like I have that disorder. It usually happens with me even realizing it at first, but usually stops within a few days. My second question is kinda odd, I’ve tried looking on websites for why I do this but never gotten a real solid response and I’m confused. It might be bipolar disorder or something of that means, but I almost always have the opposite reaction to things. Like for example if I’m watching someone get shot people would usually feel bad or cringe at the sight of it, but I just laugh out loud for some reason. Same with the other emotions, if I’m sad I’m usually acting cheerfully and so on. But that’s about it, sure I have other questions, way too many but I’ll save it for a later date. Hope ya can get back to me soon.

What you have described reminds me of medical students who experience the symptoms of the diseases they are studying in class. This phenomenon has a name: “medical students’ syndrome.” This happens to psychology students as well. It may be related to hypochondria or general anxiety.

Another possibility is that you do this as a way to understand the material you have read. Perhaps it’s a description of your unique personal learning strategy. Relatedly, maybe you have a certain flair for drama or acting.

Without knowing you personally, the aforementioned ideas are speculative. If the acting out you described is not problematic in your life, then nothing may be wrong.

Alternatively, you might consult a therapist, in-person, and ask them to review your symptoms. Doing so may bring you peace of mind and provide insight into why you behave in certain ways. Write again if you have additional questions. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle